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3 effective tips on how to counter heating problems in Laptops and tablets | India Gadgets News

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3 effective tips on how to counter heating problems in Laptops and tablets

Although manufacturers are coming up with innovative chip layout and fan designs to ensure laptops and tablets do not bear the brunt of overheating, it has not helped greatly. Most modern devices come equipped with basic safeguards for heat.

Follow these simple tips to counter heating problems in laptops and tablets

1 Most laptops or tablets when used for an extended period tend to get damaged, or crash without warning. Reduce usage or take breaks to allow the device to cool. Individuals should not ignore heat stress signals.

2. Ventilation fans in laptops sound crankier when used for a long hours. When this happens it is an indication you shut down the laptop and let it cool for a while.

3. A small little table fan ensures ambient heat temperatures in devices are reduced thereby minimizing damage to the device significantly.

When a laptop or tablet gets heated it is recommended that the device be switched off and be allowed to cool for at least 20 minutes before you start using it. Most individuals use laptops and tablets without reading reference manuals. Users should read warning notes mentioned in the operational manual. This helps avoid the don’ts of laptop and tablets that many users are unaware about. Adhering to simple tips can greatly increase the life of your laptop/tablet and minimize heating problems.

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    These tips are very effective for me because my laptop is always hot and I was wondering what to do, but now after reading this post I got a solution, I’m going to keep a table fan near my laptop.

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Thanks for the tips. For Dell laptops,I would recommend not to place the one on a bed as it will obstruct the fan from running properly and ventilating the heat. Always place a laptop on a flat surface or laptop stand to make sure the fan can run properly,ventilating heat and cooling it down.

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