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Airports all over the world to have gadget charging stations soon | India Gadgets News

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Airports all over the world to have gadget charging stations soon

Even dogs are realizing gadgets are man’s best friend. In today’s times, it is impossible to live without gadgets and gizmos. Modern devices save precious time, which is why individuals all over the world are Gung-ho about gadgets and laptops for sale. Several travelers carry their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

Many individuals get frustrated waiting to board their flight on airports. Several users keep themselves busy with their gadgets while they await their flight. Battery life of modern gadgets is not something one can boast about.

When the battery of a smartphone or gadget loses its power it is a frustrating scenario because charging stations are seldom found on airports. Individuals will not have to face such a scenario in the future. Several airports in various countries have made plans to install gadget charging stations. Certain groups have already installed in-seat charging stations for the convenience of passengers at their airport.

Tablets being introduced in India by various manufacturers are increasing by leaps and bounds. All priced in a range of Rs.15,000 and below, one offered by Reliance Communications was available for Rs.12,999. There is yet another cheaper tablet being launched by Lakshmi Access Communications System for Rs.4,500 making it the cheapest tablet yet.

Manufactured in China, this tablet with a 7 inch screen comes loaded with most applications as are available on higher end tablets in the market. Marketed under the brand name of Magnum Brand the tablet has a 4 GB memory and 256 MB RAM with 800 MHz processor. Along with Wi-Fi connectivity the tablet can run Android 2.2. Once launched successfully the company is all set to bring out a tablet with a10 inch screen as well.

Samsung too recently launched two tablets priced between Rs.33,000 and 36,000. With the number of tablets being introduced, one is bound to find that consumers will opt for tablets over mobile phones in the near future


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