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All new Cadillac ELR with redefined paddle shifters | India Gadgets News

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All new Cadillac ELR with redefined paddle shifters

The all new Cadillac ELR 2014 has been designed with  redesigned paddle shifters that provide one efficient energy control and extended range capability.

Technology used for these paddle shifters is unlike those used conventional models which only allow the driver to shift the mechanical transmission. With these new paddle shifters an individual can temporarily regenerate energy and store it as electricity in the battery pack for later use.

Known as 'Regen on Demand', the technology allows users of ELR to seamlessly store energy when slowing down or when taking a tight turn. The driver simply takes his/her leg of the accelerator and engages the system by pressing the right or left paddle which helps to provide deceleration while coasting and provides dynamic control statistics seen in manual transmission vehicles.  releasing the paddle enables the car to coast normally and this system can be activated or deactivated as an when the need arises.

The energy captured during the process is stored in an electric battery that offers drivers an estimated range of 35 miles of electric driving depending on terrain, temperature and driving techniques. Regen on Demand allows one to capture energy spent in braking rather than loosing it as heat as seen in conventional vehicles. 2014 Cadillac ELR


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