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Apple’s Patent on Flexible Smart Cover Design: Details revealed | India Gadgets News

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Apple’s Patent on Flexible Smart Cover Design: Details revealed

It’s been a while since Apple has locked horns with a few companies, Samsung in particular, in regard with patent infringement. So when Apple stumbled upon what may change the world of displays on devices in the future it immediately filed a patent application at the US Patent and Trademark Office. This Apple patent would allow its Smart Cover Design to act as an additional screen.

Yes, flip it open and you have your apps. In present times, Smart Case is used to offer protection to the iPad or put it in sleep mode. The patent “Cover Attachment With Flexible Display” which was filed in August 2011 is an amalgamation of “cooperative electronic system in which electronic devices can communicate with each other”.

Dual displays are going to be the future. Currently traditional tablets fit documents into the screen size, but Apples future Smart Cover design will enable tablet users to spread documents on dual platforms making it like an open book. The patent reveals that some devices such as Bluetooth Keyboards or Headsets that have limited capabilities in terms of interactive responses could be improved and made better with power source addition, independent storage, input method and communications protocol.

Through the patent it is also suggested that solar cover may be added on the Smart Cover design of the future to cut down frequent battery recharging. The patent covers a massive range of possibilities that include electronic paper technology, and positions of cover flaps above or below Apple devices. Considering the number of patent scenarios in a single patent we wonder whether technologies of other companies will in some way infringe Apple device designs in the future.

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