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Could the future of 3D cinema be without glasses? | India Gadgets News

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Could the future of 3D cinema be without glasses?

It’s a known fact that film buffs have taken to 3D viewing in a big way. Most movie enthusiasts in today’s times prefer to watch 3D versions of films. However, a common complaint among movie goers is the cumbersome glasses one has to wear to watch 3D visuals. Glasses may well be eliminated in the future of 3D cinema. Optics research carried out by a research team in South Korea that involves ‘Venetian Blind’ effect concepts may well be used in future 3D technologies to eliminate glasses and enhance visuals. This new technique and n technology is significantly cheaper than prevalent 3D technologies and also occupies less projector space.

Although the South Korean research team has not revealed much, they are optimistic about a glass-free 3D future with a single front projector. Professor at School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University, Lead Researcher Byoungho Lee said” There has been much progress in the last 10 years improving the viewers experience with 3D. We want to take it to the next step with a method that, if validated by further research, might constitute a simple, compact and cost effective approach to producing widely available 3-D cinema, while also eliminating the need for wearing polarizing glasses”. Here’s hoping we have a free 3D future without glasses.


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