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Diesel fumes cause cancer | India Gadgets News

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Diesel fumes cause cancer

World Health Organization’s wing, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRCA) has said diesel exhaust can certainly cause cancer. This finding has come at a time when India is facing its worst times with traffic pollution. Diesel exhaust has now been included in Group 1 list of substances that have a definite link with cancer, and now falls under the class of deadly carcinogens.

A study by US National Cancer Institute has revealed that miners that are exposed to diesel exhaust have a high risk of developing lung cancer. WHO-IARC has urged governments worldwide to come up with measures to avoid diesel exhaust as far as possible. In response to shocking findings related to diesel exhaust, CSE (Center for Science and Environment) as asked- “Is India prepared to respond to public health risk or diesel?”

In India a high percentage of the population is exposed to diesel exhaust. Diesel vehicles on Indian roads have increased at an alarming proportion. Also, a matter of concern is the fact that majority of the population in India live within 500 meters of major roads, thereby affected directly by vehicle emission.


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