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Disney gets the sparkle with breakthrough CGI technology | India Gadgets News

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Disney gets the sparkle with breakthrough CGI technology

Imaging and graphics in future Disney fairytale films will get even more realistic and detailed, thanks to breakthrough CGI technology. It’s a known fact that graphics teams struggle at attaining realistic looking scenes in animated movies. At Disney Research Zurich, University of Montreal Canada and Karlsruhe Technical Institute Germany, teams have developed a technology that will enable graphics artists to absorb light in scattered scenes.

The virtual ray technique developed by the team’s will be presented in the ‘Light Rays’ session at an International Conference focusing on futuristic graphic developments, advances, and breakthrough technologies in computer generated visuals at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Disney researchers are of the opinion that using long thin beams of light is a more efficient way used to generate images than the conventional use of tiny photon particles. Disney Research Zurich, Dr. Wojciech Jarosz who led the team said” Our technique could be used to stimulate anything from vast cloudscapes, to everyday ‘solid’ objects such as a glass of orange juice, a piece of fruit or virtually any organic substance”.

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