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Facebook sets its sight on Expectant Mothers: New feature implemented to target ads and generate revenue

Since its launch Facebook has gone on to become the most popular social networking site. Considering this world has a hefty proportion of gullible living beings the company’s success doesn’t come as a surprise. Facebook has several features it offers its users. What may seem friendly features to a user on Facebook may not be exactly what Mark Zuckerberg and his team perceive it to be, it’s more than just that.

Every new feature introduced on Facebook is aimed at generating revenue at the cost of users spending time on the social network. A new feature on Facebook allows users to add ‘expecting’ on their timeline. The new feature allows all users who have Facebook’s Timeline profile to share the name of their unborn child, gender, and expected birth date. Social network experts believe expectant mothers will be thrilled with this feature, but trouble will brew when problems in pregnancy or miscarriages occur.

Users will be able to choose the persons they want to share this information with. In a statement Facebook said”  Life events are easy and expressive ways to mark significant moments in your life such as getting married, buying a house or traveling to new places. If you choose to, you can now share that you are expecting a baby with your friends on Facebook”.

Although a Facebook spokesman has said” Currently we are not using this life event for ad targeting” it certainly paints a pretty picture of Facebook generating huge revenues from ads with the help of this feature. Many bloggers and writers have bashed this new feature and warned the service may be shut down citing miscarriages or problems during pregnancy as the cause. What do you feel about this new Facebook feature?

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