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Gadgets addiction- Are gadgets taking away the quality of life | India Gadgets News

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Gadgets addiction- Are gadgets taking away the quality of life

No matter how much we try, it’s just not possible to keep away from modern gadgets. A majority of people globally agree that gadgets and gizmos have changed the way we live. We have become so dependent on gadgets in our day to day lives that we tend to suffer from withdrawal symptoms if we spend a day without our favorite device.

The number of gadget addiction cases in various countries is rising at a rapid rate. Most individuals that are addicted to gadgets are in denial. Research reveals that individuals feel restless and show changes in social behavior if they are kept away from their favorite gadgets. Psychologists reveal that gadgets and gizmos are taking away the quality of life.

Going on a holiday or vacation was considered spending quality time with family, friends or by yourself. In today’s times more than 50 percent of people that go on a vacation or holiday carry along tablets, smartphones, and other devices. Kids and adults on vacation spend more time on their gizmos and devices than rather than spending time with each other. Can life get worse?

  • Kodhai Varadarajan

    Hi guys, we are launching a social movement against gadget addiction through this Facebook page "Take back our lives". The page aims to be fun and humorous and not preachy. Please check it out at http://www.facebook.com/takebackourlives . Like it, share it and spread the word. Thanks.

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