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Google-backed Asteroid Mining Project gets more Billionaire Investors | India Gadgets News

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Google-backed Asteroid Mining Project gets more Billionaire Investors

An Asteroid mining project, Planetary Resources Inc, that is backed by Google Inc. executives has revealed more billionaire investors have come aboard and that a funding agreement with a top class mining company is on the cards. In a recent telephone interview, Eric Anderson, co-founder of Planetary Resources did not reveal any identities but said “Planet Resources has new billionaires to add to the list we’ve announced”. He also added” We’re in discussions with a major mining company that is certainly one of the Top 10 in the world.

It’s a very preliminary agreement that would give them rights to co-invest with us and profit form initial asteroid missions”. If the Seattle based company does achieve what it plans it will be the first company to harness minerals that include platinum group metals worth trillions using robotic technology to mine asteroids. It was disclosed earlier that the mining project has the backing of biggies such as Ross Perot Jr., Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and John C. Whitehead.

In less than two years time Planetary Resources aims at launching a telescopic Space Surveyor into Earths Low Orbit. In a phone conversation Ben Taylor a researcher in Planetary Environments team at University of Surrey in Guildford, England, said “We can identify the mineral on the asteroids from orbital surveying, but it becomes a question of whether it’s still going to be cheaper to extract the very small amount that’s on earth compared to the cost of extraction on an asteroid”. Planetary Resources has funding enough for years of operations that include costs for prospecting missions.

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