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Have smartphones made stalking easier | India Gadgets News

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Have smartphones made stalking easier

Stalkers are a menace to society. Over the years stalking has gained prominence in various parts of the world. Technological advances have definitely made it easier for individuals to accomplish wrong motives. There has been a significant rise in number of cases of stalking reported globally.

Research reveals that pictures uploaded from a smartphone on social media sites are being targeted to get information on the user. According to (CSEE) Computer Science and Electrical Engineering University of Missouri-Kansas City Professor Deep Medhi, a number of smartphones use GPS technology that is similar as that used in automobile routing.

By utilizing browser add-ons individuals can pinpoint the exact location of where the picture was taken and uploaded. Individuals can gain information on GPS coordinates if the feature in the user’s application is not disabled. Two computer security specialists have started a website www.icanstalkyou.com to bring about awareness among smartphone users and also show users how sensitive information is passed on unknowingly.


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