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High- tech Google eye-wear to be available for £800 | India Gadgets News

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High- tech Google eye-wear to be available for £800

Google Glass the high tech eye-wear accessory will be available to developers for a price of £800.

These lucky owners are developers who attended the firms annual conference council held lat year. Prior to the release of its product, Google had invited 8,000 lucky winners to test out their latest eye-wear for a price of $1,500.

These internet glasses are they are also known as will consist of a hidden camera and a display that is provided on the right rim over the right eye. Using this device, individuals will be able to take pictures, absorb interesting facts about their surroundings, keep in touch with friends and family through social networking sites and even respond to their mail.

To make use of Google Glass, users will have to download an app to their Android phones and scan a bar code image to link their Glass to their Google account. The display provided within the device is so good that is has been compared to a 25" HD display seen from 8' away. API's have been released so that programmers can make their own apps for the device. Battery life of Google Glass is not up to the mark and report suggest that it may not last for a full day without recharging. These eye wear devices will be available in five different colors once it goes on sale.

However, there are a number of people who aren't happy with this device as they feel it would flout privacy of individuals who are unaware that they're being taped or photographed.

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