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How have browsers changed the way we use our phones? | India Gadgets News

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How have browsers changed the way we use our phones?

In the last decade we have seen the mobile phone go from being simply a way of calling or texting a friend or loved one to becoming a full fledged, all in one tool kit for the way we live our lives today. One of the latest additions to the tool box has been the internet browser, and now that it's there, it's like it's been there forever. There are few things as indispensable as a portable internet browser, and it's uses are almost limitless.

Whereas years ago we would be stuck if we didn't know what time our next train or bus is, now we can simply search for the results online, often on a site that gives regular updates as to how much longer you might be waiting. Things like this have meant that we can now live a much faster, much more fast paced life, and so everything else has to catch up too.

If we need to know the name of a place we want to visit, we can search on Google for the name, more often than not leading to a link where we can arrange travel and accommodation. All this is accessible from anywhere. It would have been unthinkable to play an online casino Australia game while you were sitting on a train just a few years ago. Now it is almost commonplace, and because it is so popular, its usage has slipped out into other areas of our lives.

We can search for books, based on a conversation we have just had with a friend, organise payment and delivery and even book a table for two at a restaurant if we fancy it. For any problem, there is always a solution on the internet, wherever you are.

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