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Is Apple TV going to be the next big thing? | India Gadgets News

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Is Apple TV going to be the next big thing?

Apple rules the world of smartphones and tablets. The iPhone and the iPad are the post popular gadgets on earth in today’s times. It is a known fact that Apple products have killed ambitions of manufacturers. I mean there’s no manufacturer in the market that can compete with the line of Apple products.

Every manufacturer has had to deal with consumer’s manic craze for Apple products. And now, news that is making rounds on tech websites and social media is sending jitters down the spine of manufacturers. This time around tech analysts reveal Apple is soon going to start making the world’s favorite gadget, the TV.

Longtime Apple enthusiast and Tech analyst Gene Munster has revealed that major television component makers have been in continuous talks with Apple in regard with its future display components. The TV market is already established with a number of manufacturers offering high end products. However, knowing Apple’s reign over customers one can safely say that TV manufacturers have already begun biting their nails. Is Apple TV going to take the world by storm?


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