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Major companies to launch their own domain names soon | India Gadgets News

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Major companies to launch their own domain names soon

If we to believe ICANN, companies like, Mercedes Benz, BMW, AUDI, VW, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, etc will soon be having their own domain names instead of the popular .com domain. At a meeting in Singapore later today, ICANN officials will be discussing on this and a new proposal will be drafted for such companies who wish to have their own domain names.

Michele Jourdan, Communications Managed, ICANN, said, “New gTLDs (generic top level domain names) represent one of the biggest changes to the Internet since its inception. While they won't have a technical impact on the way the Internet operates, they could potentially change the way people find information and how businesses plan and structure their online presence.”

As of now, gTLD’s include domain names like .com, .org, .net etc, which will soon change if this new proposal becomes a reality. Nobody owns the internet, but there needs to be someone who should operate it technically, this is where ICANN comes into picture. Being a non-profit organization, ICANN helps the internet run smoothly by managing IP’s and DNS.

“Corporations may choose to apply for their own domain, offering them new possibilities for structuring their online and offline presence. They may also offer corporations better brand control. Additionally, entirely new domains may come into existence that brings about new commercial opportunities. But it won't come cheap,” added Jourdan.

Just to apply for your own domain name, you will need to cough up $185,000 along with many other criteria’s you need to pass in order to qualify!

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