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Microsoft working on designs for a touch enabled smartwatch | India Gadgets News

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Microsoft working on designs for a touch enabled smartwatch

Microsoft is reportedly working on designs for a new smartphone device with an aim to make it big in the sector of electronic accessories.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft had asked its Asian suppliers to ship in 1.5" display screens for its smartphone device. However, its still unclear whether Microsoft Corp. will be moving ahead with this project  The revelation comes at a time when many technology and computing giants as also investors are looking at a probable boom in the wearable electronics industry.  Advances in technology have allowed for sensors to become smaller, slimmer and more powerful thereby providing designers with ideas that include devices which can report body temperature, heartbeat, geographic position as also voice of an individual on the go.

Nike's FuelBand is one such example of wearable electronics that allows its wearer to undertake tasks like sending and receiving messages and taking photographs. Google has developed high tech eye wear known as Google Glass that allows users to seamlessly integrate their real world activities with their virtual world. Google Glass will be retailing at a price of £800. A watch designed by Pebble Technology can be synchronized with smartphones to vibrate and alert users to incoming texts and calls. Microsoft too dabbled with the idea of wearable electronics as it designed Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) that used radio signals to send and receive instant messages.

If Microsoft Corp. goes ahead with its plan of developing a touch enabled smart watch it would benefit the company as many customers would be attracted to sales of a devices that is compatible with smartphones and other electronic devices.

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