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New Age Tablets: Wearable, Foldable and Paper thin | India Gadgets News

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New Age Tablets: Wearable, Foldable and Paper thin

So far we’ve seen unimaginable futuristic gadgets and devices in sci-fi movies. A few years from now expect those gadgets at a store near you. How far can tablet technology and design go? The day when tablets with paper thin screens can be neatly folded and tucked in a pocket is not far away.

Yes, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will soon be a part of computing devices. With every passing day tablets, smartphones and other modern gadgets are getting slimmer, lighter and faster. Revolutionary hardware and software designs with new technologies will be possible in the future.

Already wearable devices and gadgets are undergoing tests and it will be only a matter of time before they make it on a counter at a store. Flexible, bendable, and foldable displays on tablets and smartphones will form an integral part of the future. Chips and components inside devices and gadgets will be stretchable and paper thin.

This will enable future users of tablets and smartphones to roll or fold their products. Professor Lin Zhong at Rice University who is researching mobile systems said “We should think beyond just touch-screens” Why do we hold tablets, carry many displays? We should think about wearable computers”.

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    That is an incredible face of technology. How the researchers imagine such kind of inventions? But it proved the current technology we are using, won't stay too long. I guess, this type of foldable and wearable displayed tablet will rock the next generation technology.

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