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Now an electric guitar that can send E-mails | India Gadgets News

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Now an electric guitar that can send E-mails

Using a guitar to send e-mails at your workplace could very well be possible in the future as an American inventor has designed a guitar that sends e-mails when one plays the instrument.

The guitar designed by David Neevel has been programmed to type letters depending on the mote played. Such a device allows the user to work while at the same time practice playing their favorite musical instrument. Notes played correspond to USB keyboard buttons, while a Roland synthesizer sends out a MIDI signal that's sent through an opto-isolator circuit which in turn is fed into an Arduino platform. The Arduino platform has been designed to make relays to a printed circuit board (PCB) based on signal inputs it receives on basis of working of a computer keyboard.

Those who are interested in turning their workplace into an environment where musical symphony abounds can follow the code posted by David to build their very own e-mail guitars.

Now an electric guitar that can send E-mails

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