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Patch for Flashback virus released by Apple | India Gadgets News

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Patch for Flashback virus released by Apple

To counter the widespread virus that hit its computers, Apple has released an identification and removal tool. With an IT degree specializing in security you can protect yourself from threats on the internet like seen here. Last week Apple was left stumped when the Flashback virus affected over 600,000 Mac users. The malware which was detected by Dr Web, a Russian security company was designed to source and extract sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers from a malicious website under the guise of being legitimate browser plug in.

Once installed, the software would send personal information to remote servers. The new Java security update released by Apple cleans and removes variants of Flashback malware that has infected Macs. Prior to the Flashback virus episode, Mac operating system was regarded impregnable to security threats. Unlike Windows computers, Mac OS was considered untouchable by many experts, who now have been proved wrong. All that’s required is a loophole for hackers to exploit security scenarios. Independent security companies had immediately released patches after the Flashback virus had affected Mac users.

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