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Put an end to parking woes with Park Me app | India Gadgets News

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Put an end to parking woes with Park Me app

Traffic now day’s is increasing day after day and in the chaos and commotion it’s virtually impossible for one to find a parking space nearby. However, this is all set to change as a company known as Park Me has designed an app that will make hunting for a parking place much easier.

The app which is available for iPhone users and Android phones provides one with real time information about parking spots that are situated around the user’s location. The app will help people find parking spots in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia depending on their location. Once the destination has been entered the apps provides users with a map that shows available parking spots and costs.

Bubble shaped icons highlight each parking spot. A green shaped bubble signifies that a particular parking facility has spaces available, whereas a blue bubble signifies that the parking lot or garage is open but no real time update is available. Grey bubbles signify that the parking facility is closed and not available. Apart from showing locations of parking facilities, the app also shows costs of parking spaces thereby allowing users to choose on according to their needs. Real time parking information will be provided by the app for select cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas, Austin and D.C.

Put an end to parking woes with Park Me app

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