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Racing Games Dirt 3 from Codemasters | India Gadgets News

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Racing Games Dirt 3 from Codemasters

Kids these days are more and more into video games and virtual reality. Codemasters have come out with an automotive interactive racing game called Dirt 3 Gymkhana where Ken Block goes crazy with a Ford rally car on a Gymkhana track. This racing game pits racers on a track where they are tested for 180 to 360 degree turns, jumps, and driving skills rarely seen in such races in real life.

Racers are seen going wild on Battersea Power Stations among others. Precision, exercise and impediments line the path and allow serious gamers to practice their proficiency by taking part in challenges and chilling out while playing this racing game.

Codemasters game showcases Ken Block in the driver’s seat showing off intricate driving and racing skills on a moving mechanical digger.  High action drama and racing can be experienced with this Dirt 3 racing game form Codemasters.  However, no definite details of price have been given by the company just yet.

Click here to watch teaser.

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    Highly appreciated among all Xbox racing games is Project Gotham Racing 2, a game that stands out with its elegant, compelling graphics and mind blowing soundtrack. The game play, however, is a little different from other Xbox racing games, and in this game speed is not everything. You earn extra points for driving with style, like sliding around the corners instead of cutting them or driving on the right line. The extra points can be used to acquire new, more powerful cars along the game.

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