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Rumors of a cheap iPhone 5S to combat GS4 rage | India Gadgets News

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Rumors of a cheap iPhone 5S to combat GS4 rage

Since Samsung launched it's flagship model the Galaxy S4, rumors have been floating around that Apple will be unveiling a cheap iPhone device viz. iPhone 5S for global markets. Considering that Apple iPhone 5 devices were exorbitantly priced and available to only the rich and affluent, these rumors of a cheap iPhone device will help fuel demand and improve exposure for iPhone devices in markets globally.

This budget iPhone from Apple is rumored to be available at a price of $329 which will enable Apple to account for 40% of the market categorized for phones on the $300- $400 segment. Seeing that most Indian's prefer Android phones over iOS powered phones mainly because the former are readily available at reasonable prices. Apple will look to equip this new phone with relevant software and services in order to differentiate it from it's predecessor the iPhone 5.

Apple's new phone as rumors have it, will feature similar attributes of  iPhone 5, the only difference being that iPhone 5S will have a slightly larger screen. If at all Apple decides to launch this device, it will help to improve market shares which have been faring badly in recent times.

Rumors of a cheap iPhone 5S to combat GS4 rage

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