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Samsung designs tablet that can be controlled by ones brain | India Gadgets News

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Samsung designs tablet that can be controlled by brain

Samsung has been exploring the realms of science and its efforts have paid off, considering that the South Korean mobile giant has developed a tablet that can be controlled by an individuals brain.

Researchers at Samsung’s Emerging Technology Lab said that goal of this project was to explore number of ways by which people can interact with devices at their disposal. These researchers have been testing whether a person is able to compose a message and turn on or off a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 device using only brain impulses.

Early research shows how a plastic cap covered with EEG-monitoring electrodes and a tablet device could  be used by individuals with mobility issues who can't use these device in the traditional way. Discovering new ways to interact with devices has long being thought of so as to provide differently abled individuals make use of the same easily. This being said, it should be known that a few years back, people had to rely on keypads to use their devices, but now days with advancement of technology, phones can be controlled using touch, gestures and voice. Development of the brain controlled smartphone is still in the nascent stage, however, during experiments users have been able to make selections once every five seconds with an accuracy ranging from 80 to 95 percent.

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