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Sony Walkman beats Apple iPod: declared best gadget ever | India Gadgets News

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Sony Walkman beats Apple iPod: declared best gadget ever

Considering the number of gadgets around this may come as a surprise. Sony‘s Walkman has been declared the best gadget ever by Pixmania.com. The poll conducted revealed one among ten Britons polled in favor of walkman. Production of the iconic Walkman cassette player ran from 1979 to 2010.

During this span more than 220 million units were sold. The poll revealed that sales of retro gadgets have soared since 1 year by 415 percent. Electronic analysts are of opinion that this trend will continue in future. Sony’s Walkman is an icon that took the 80s and early part of 90s by storm. Every music lover swore by this compact sized music device.

Cassette Walkman along with VHS Home Recorder and Soda Stream helped the 80s win “Best Decade for Gadgets”. The demand for retro devices has suddenly gone up. Collectors from around the world are willing to pay huge amounts of cash for retro gadgets/devices that are hard to find. Nintendo Gameboy earned the second spot after beating competition from Sony’s PlayStation.

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