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Spoilt brat hold parents to ransom while making absurd car demands

Children of today are demanding cars earlier and earlier and are even holding parents to ransom if their demands are not met in an instant. This is evident from the fact that an engineering student in Bhopal held his mother captive till she succumbed to his demands for a brand new car. A class IX student demanded a Karizma two wheeler but was given a Pulsar instead and hence refused to attend school till he got what he had demanded.

Demands for vehicles apart, students even in Class VII and lower are demanding (and note we are using the word “demanding”) iPhones, iPads and the like and protesting in the most absurd and illogical ways till parents are left with no option but to pander to their children’s demands.

Pocket money no longer even fits into the children’s pocket these days. Children are making unreasonable demands on parents and are no longer satisfied with a few bucks here and there. Demands are as high as rs.100 per day. Movies, fast food, etc are what children of today want to enjoy on a daily basis and hence demands are rising. Psychologists are aware of these strange demands but most blame parents for inculcating these habits in children. Children learn from what they see and not from what they hear. You may try and instill prudence in your child but spend extravagantly yourself. How then do you expect children to behave any better?

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