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Intel capital to set up $300 million Ultrabook Fund

An Ultrabook fund valued at $300 million is being introduced by Intel Capital of Intel fame.  Development of startups for hardware, software as well as storage, extended battery life and other components would be possible.  Ultrabooks are something that fit in between laptops and Tablets.  Slimmer and lighter than laptops, Ultrabooks would be priced in the region of $1000 and would be about 0.8... 
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Google, Intel, Makemytrip rate as Top Three companies to work for

In a recent survey conducted, Google India, Makemytrip and Intel were named as the three top companies to work for.  This survey and study was conducted by Great Places To Work Institute.  The top five in over 50 companies named were, Google India, Intel Technology, Makemytrip, American Express India and Marriott Hotels. Great Place to Work Institute, headed by Mr. Prasenjit Bhattacharya, CEO of... 

Intel laptops with tablet features give us the Ultrabook

Intel is in the forefront of the computer world and has designed many machines capable of high performance work. In the current time there has been the unveiling of Intel powered laptops along with features that correspond to tablets. Light and compact these small laptops pack high performance processors capable of computing tasks at greater speeds. Intel has also promised newer and better platforms... 
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Intel Silvermont Atom Microarchitecture

World’s leading microchip manufacturer, Intel announced the launch of their new invention, the Silvermont Atom Microarchitecture. Officially christened as the ‘Silvermont’, the new microarchitecture is developed specially for the Atom processor, which needs lesser power than other microprecessors. Silvermont comes after Intel announced their successful 3D transistor invention. Intel stated that... 

Intel 320 series SSDs- faster and better

Third generation of Solid State Drive - 320 series has been launched by Intel. These new Intel SSd's promises better storage capabilities and features than its predecessor. It is equipped with a 25nm MLC NAND memory making response time lesser than ever. Intel 320 series SSD, successor of Intel X-25 SSDs, support laptops and desktops alike. Features like better protection of data, power-loss management,... 

Intel launches new source of entertainment- Intel Insider

Intel's Second generation Core processors called Sandybridge features a unique software named ‘Intel Insider’, and now Intel makes this available for all PC's powered by 2nd generation Intel Core processor with in-built graphics. 'Intel Insider' allows downloading a movie prior to its release date, and helping users to view an intended movie on the release day. 'Proactive queue' is what Intel... 
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