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Microsoft Kinect targets computers as their next step

Microsoft Kinect has not only taken the electronics gaming world by storm but also entered the history books as the fastest selling electronics computer device ever to be manufactured. Being a motion sensing device, Kinect made gaming exciting than ever. Microsoft has released a free SDK – Software Development Kit for non-commercial use in order to take the Kinect experience to the next stage. Microsoft... 
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Hackers find Microsoft Kinect useful in many different ways

Hundreds of hackers around the world have hacked Microsoft Kinect and developed new ways of using the device which help them in their daily lives. Matt Bell, 31, is one such hacker, who uses the MS Kinect camera to shoot images from different angles as Kinect is the only consumer device that can catch images in 3D. Just like Bell, others too have managed to hack Kinect in order to harness newer applications.... 

Use your palm as a touchscreen to warrant phone operations

The 'imaginary phone' is the handiwork of research at the Potsdam University, Germany. This development by researchers, Patrick Baudisch and colleagues allows users to leave the phone in your pocket and answer calls, or use apps by simple tapping of the hand. The idea is to not disrupt the natural flow of things. So, if your phone rings while you’re doing the dishes, rather than having to rush and... 

Microsoft Kinect to improve shopping experience

A system whereby shoppers can virtually try on clothes before purchasing, is made possible by Microsoft Kinect.   Kinect’s contribution to the retail sector is likely to boost sales and make shopping process simpler and quicker. A Kinect enabled mirror permits shoppers to try on clothes virtually without actually changing into them. This could come as a blessing in disguise for garment stores who... 
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Kinect hack to work with Google

April fool’s day, 2011 saw Google introduce a new Motion feature as a prank for Gmail.  The idea of Gmail Motion is to allow users access and to their email account using gestures. The joke however has prompted researchers at Institute of Creative Technologies (ICT) to use a hack using Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360 and manage Gmail using gestures for Gmail Motion. They have also made available a working... 
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Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360- The best selling electronic device ever

Microsoft launched gesture-based sensor - Kinect for Xbox 360 on November 4, 2010. This device which enables gamers to play without the help of a handheld controller has become hugely popular. Kinect has recorded sales of over 10 million units till date. Guinness world records claims that this device is the fastest selling electronic device made till date, with sales of 133,333 units per day after... 
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