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Test Google Glass for $1500 | India Gadgets News

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Test Google Glass for $1500

8,000 lucky winners selected by Google will have the opportunity to test Google's new product known as Google Glass ahead of its release to the general public. These new glasses referred to as internet glasses will be available to the winners after they've furnished a sum of $1500.

The wearable computing device from Google will allow users to carry out similar tasks as a smartphone expect that the classes will respond to eye and voice activated commands instead of hand gestures. A hidden camera and a display screen provided on the rim above the right eye enables individuals to keep in touch with mail, use social networking sites, take pictures, videos and take in crucial information without having to gaze at a computer screen.

However, there are a few who are questioning privacy rights of citizens whose pictures might be snapped up without them ever knowing about it. Google will be providing these test pieces known as 'Explorer' to users so as to let engineers get an inkling as to what changes need to be considered to make the device user friendly. Google Glass will be priced between $700 to $1500 when it hits market shelves at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014.

You can watch a video here that showcases some wonderful and awesome aspects of Google Glass as it fall through space.

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