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The best gadgets for free runners and joggers | India Gadgets News

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The best gadgets for free runners and joggers

Technology is now at your feet, quite literally. Manufacturers have come up with useful gadgets and devices that are designed to help individuals that jog and run regularly. Here are some of the best gadgets for runners and joggers.

Ironman Run Trainer

This device is a must for individuals that run or jog regularly. Keeping a track of distance covered is easy as this device stores and displays distance travelled. The Ironman Run Trainer watch by Timex also comes equipped with a recuperation timer and heart rate monitor.

Stable 26 Socks

Every individual that runs or jogs regularly complains about shoes not fitting properly. It is essential for feet to be comfortable in shoes. If feet are not comfortable in shoes under layers and upper layers of skin peel off due to excess moisture. Blister formation is also common due to ill-fitting shoes. To ensure feet get a good grip Stable 26 Footgear have come up with Stable socks with silicone padding in varying thickness gauges that eliminates gaps and provide comfort while running.

Dada Supreme MP3 Shoes

Talk about shoes delivering audio to your headphones. Dada Supreme MP3 Shoes do exactly that. These shoes have a wireless system that delivers crystal clear sound to your headphones. On full charge the shoes function for six hours. There is a USB port for charging at the side of the shoe. 100 songs can be stored in these mp3 shoes.

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